ACH Payment and EDI 820


Nordstrom is now offering ACH (Automated Clearing House) as a payment option. ACH payments are issued weekly and provide efficient access to cash by automating deposits to your bank account. Payment remittance details are sent directly to your company via the EDI 820 document (Payment Order/Remittance Advice). Activating the EDI 820 document is not a requirement to enroll in the ACH payment option; if your company is not able or chooses not to receive remittance advice detail via EDI 820, payment detail may be accessed at or be sent to a designated email address. Please note that payment format is CCD and is included in the BPR segment of the 820.


If you are working with a factor, you do not need to complete any ACH paperwork, as we will be working with your factor separately to set them up with ACH payments.


The benefits of ACH payments include:

§         Improved cash forecasting

§         Trips to the bank for deposit drop-off are eliminated

§         Potential for check fraud is eliminated

§         Environmentally friendly through reduced paper use

Nordstrom's EDI 820 will be sent under EDI ID of 01/007942915. (Please note this is the same ID used to transmit Nordstrom's 850 PO and 810 Invoice.) Nordstrom can help you initiate the implementation of this new document one of two ways. First, we can provide a sample file for setup or second, you have the option to test the 820 document with Inovis, our third party enabler. Merch Info Compliance ( will be able to assist with either option. Mapping for the
EDI 820
can be found under EDI Mapping Documents at


The Merchandise ACH Payment and EDI 820 Setup Form can be found at the link below.  We also require that you fill out the request for Taxpayer ID Number (W9). Please fax the completed forms to 206-233-6331. If you have any questions on completing the form, please contact the Nordstrom Vendor Desk at 206-233-6330 or via email at


Merchandise ACH Payment, EDI 820 Setup Form and Taxpayer ID Number (W9)