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For more detailed information regarding contacts for Non-Compliance offset fees, Claims, Invoice or Check status, please refer to the following documents:

Supplier Resources and Contacts     

Accounts Payable

For status on invoices, checks or claims, please login and access information on AP Vendor Merchandise Inquiry. If you do not have access to the AP Vendor Merchandise Inquiry, please email Please include your Pay to Vendor Number, Vendor Name, Contact Name and Contact Phone Number in your email or you may contact your Vendor Rep at 206-233-6280, option 2.

Nordstrom Order Verification System (NOVS)

The NOVS application is used so that shippers may check the status of their POs. For all carrier and shipping questions, please email or you may contact us at 1-877-444-1313, option 4, option 1. For Routing and Carrier selection see Nordstrom Routing Guide

Supplier Toolkit and Supplier Reports

For questions concerning information on Supplier Reports, or to gain access to Supplier Reports, please contact your Nordstrom Buyer. If you have an existing account and need help accessing or navigating our Toolkit, please email Please include Supplier Number, Supplier Name, Contact Name and Phone Number in your email.

Supplier Compliance

For Compliance questions, please email or call 1-877-444-1313, option 2. For inquiries on Non-compliance offset fees, please email Our compliance manual can be viewed or downloaded from our supplier website

Refer to Portal FAQs for answers to frequently asked questions.