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How do I Register myself for the Supplier Portal?

Q How do I register myself for the Supplier Portal?

A You can register by clicking on the 'Sign Up' link available at the Login Page. 

Q Why do I register myself for the Supplier Portal?

A The Supplier Portal will ensure that each individual user of the portal has a unique and valid email address to access the site. 

Q What do I need to register for the Supplier Portal?

A To register for the portal, you will need a valid Supplier/Vendor Account Name(SVAccountName). SV AccountName is a unique identifier given to each customer when they open an account with Nordstrom. Please contact your designated administrator to obtain your SVAccountName.

Q  What is a Supplier/Vendor Account Name?

A  A Supplier/Vendor Account Name is the unique identifier that corresponds to a vendor company. Previously, this was referred to as the ‘User ID’ and was used to log into the old portal. With the new process, you will be using an email address to log into the portal, instead of the User ID, which is why ‘User ID’ has been renamed to Supplier/Vendor Account Name

Q Why should I provide my email address during Login?

A You are required to login with the email address that you used for registration.

Q What will my email address be used for?

A At the most basic level your email address is required to gain access to the new Supplier Portal. It is only used to contact you in regards to your account (receipts, changing your password, etc).

Q Who is an Administrator and what purpose do they serve in the Portal?

A Administrator is a feature of our Supplier Portal. Here is some important information to note:

Q Why should I provide my phone number?

A Phone numbers are collected only for administrators. Phone numbers will be given in the confirmation email communication to the users as additional contact information in case they have a problem with their account.

Q I have registered for the new Supplier Portal, now what?

A You will receive email confirmation that you have registered.  If you are the first administrator of your account, you may proceed logging in to your account with your registered email address and access the 'User Admin' tab to grant access to your pending users. Otherwise, you will have to wait until your designated administrator grants access to your account.

Q I’m trying to register for the portal, but I keep getting a message that says “This user ID is already pending for this account. Please contact an account administrator for assistance.”

A When you register for a portal account, you use a unique Supplier/Vendor account name to associate your email address and portal account to a vendor. You will get this message when you try to register using a Supplier/Vendor account name that you’ve already registered with your email address—you cannot request access to the same account more than once.

Q I’ve registered for the portal and my account is pending approval from an administrator, but then it says there is no administrator currently registered for the account.

A If no administrator is registered for your account, you will either need to designate someone within your company to register as the administrator and then grant you access, or you can re-register as the administrator using a secondary email address to gain access and grant administrator privileges to your primary email address.

Q I thought I registered as an administrator, but the confirmation email I received said my account is pending approval by an administrator. No administrator is registered for an account, but I should be the administrator. How do I change my account to the administrator?

A Once you register as a user, the system will not allow you to re-register as the administrator for the same account. In order to gain administrator rights, you will need to either have someone else within your company register as the administrator and then grant you admin rights, or you can register as the administrator with a secondary email address and then grant your primary email address admin rights.

Q I tried registering as the administrator, but it says there’s already an administrator present. Who is my administrator?

A Nordstrom cannot quickly identify who is currently registered as the administrator on your account. If you get this error, please register as a regular user. Once you complete the registration, you will receive a confirmation email that will include the current administrator’s name, email address, and phone number.

Q I am the administrator for our account. I need to setup accounts for other people within my company, or for my factor. How do I add users to the account?

A Administrators are not responsible for creating accounts for other users, just approving and denying access. Additional users will have to create their own accounts. The administrator will have to supply them with the appropriate supplier/vendor account name for the desired account. Users will then complete the registration procedure on their own. Administrators will ultimately grant or deny a pending user’s access.

Q I have more questions. Who do I contact?

A Please use the following information to contact us with your questions:

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To Request Access

Q How do I get access to the Nordstrom Supplier Portal?

A A Pay to Vendor as well as a Supplier must be set up prior to the portal access. If you are an active Pay to Vendor or Supplier please contact:

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Portal Access User ID's

Q What is the difference between my Portal User ID, Supplier/Vendor Account Name and my Pay to Vendor Number or my Supplier Number?

A For the daily business with Nordstrom, a Vendor is assigned a unique 'Pay to Vendor' number in the Nordstrom systems and subsequent Suppliers are assigned a unique Supplier number. Each Supplier number is associated to the parent 'Pay to Vendor' number.

In the new Supplier Portal, the Supplier/Vendor Account Name replaces the term Portal User ID. For Vendors and Suppliers to participate in web access, additional security is in place. Each participating Pay to Vendor or Supplier is assigned a unique Supplier/Vendor Account Name when they initially request access to the portal. They use this Supplier/Vendor Account Name to register with their unique and valid email address for this account. This email address will act as their Portal Login ID going forward. 

Your Pay to Vendor number and/or Supplier number has not changed- you do not need to alter data for EDI Invoicing transmissions.

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How do I change my password/email address

Q I have registered into the portal but I would like to change my password. How do I make the change?

A Please select the "Edit User Info" option located on the sidebar on the Home page after you have logged into the portal and follow the instructions outlined on this screen. A confirmation message will be sent to the email address logged during the change password process. All fields are required entry. Please note that the passwords need to be a minimum of 7 characters in length and a maximum of 10 characters. Passwords must consist of at least one numeric character and are case sensitive.

Q I would like to change my email address and keep my password, who should I contact?

A In the Supplier Portal, your email address is used as an unique identifier to access your account. This information cannot be changed once registered. However, you may choose to register for the same SVAccountName with another email address of yours. This will be considered as a new account registration.

Q Am I required to enter my email address to complete the registration process?

A Yes, an email address is required to complete the registration process. A confirmation message from Nordstrom will be sent to the email address registered with the portal. Future notifications of Nordstrom guidelines, policies, and business updates may be sent to the registered email address. It is important to verify you have entered a valid email address.

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Portal Login Unknown

Q I know my Pay to Vendor number or Supplier number but I do not know my Supplier/Vendor Account Name. I want to gain access to the applications on the Website. Who should I contact?

A In order to register for the Portal, you will need your company’s Supplier/Vendor Account Name. Please contact your company’s Portal administrator for this information. If you do not know your company’s Portal administrator, you may contact one of the following two support groups:

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Problems Logging On

Q I am having problems logging into the portal. Who should I contact?

A If you have already registered with your email address on the portal, you can use 'Retrieve It' link available on the Login Page to request a temporary password be sent to your email address. After this, you may login with your email address and the temporary password to access applications available to you on the portal. You will need to change the password soon after logging in. If you continue to experience problems, please send your inquiry to;

Q I’ve registered for the portal, but when I log in, I get a message saying, “This user has no active accounts. Please contact your account administrator.”

A When you register as a user for a portal account, your account is pending approval. An administrator on your account needs to approve your access before you’re able to log in to the portal. The confirmation email you received when registering includes the contact email and phone number for the administrator.

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How to Navigate in the Portal

Q How do I find the information I need in the Nordstrom Supplier web site?

A When you request access to the portal, training materials and navigation instructions are provided to you. Please refer to these documents or contact:

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What information can I access with my Supplier/Vendor Account Name

Q What information can I access with my Supplier/Vendor Account Name?

A A Pay to Vendor portal access is separate from a Supplier Toolkit (Supplier Reports) access.

Q Can more than one Supplier/Vendor Account Name be created for a single Pay to Vendor Number or Supplier Number?

A No, only one Supplier/Vendor Account Name is created per individual Pay to Vendor or Supplier. Your company will have control over who has access to your Supplier/Vendor Account Name. You can grant access to Sales Representatives, Factors, Agents and/or Banks at your discretion.

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Minimum PC Requirements


Pentium 3 processor recommended
Minimum CPU of 1 GHZ processor
Internet access
Memory 256MB RAM

Operating System (O/S):

Windows 2000 SP4 or Windows XP SP1
JavaScript enabled
Cookies enabled
ActiveX enabled
Adobe Acrobat Reader - current version


Internet Explorer 5.5 Service Pack 2 or above
Settings: 'Automatic' or 'Every visit to the page'
(Internet Options / Temporary Internet Options/Settings)

Office Software:

Office 2000/ Excel SR1 or above

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Recommended PC Settings for Suppliers

Same PC requirements as above with additional security settings. Set PC and Browser Security and Pop Up Blocker to allow active pages from

There are many settings that you'll need to check. We do recommend your IT person review any changes made to your PC or System security.

Additional toolbars (such as Google, Yahoo!, Earthlink) should be set to allow pop ups for the supplier site.

Internet Explorer - Tools/Internet Options/Advanced

Cookies enabled
JavaScript enabled,low settings
ActiveX enabled

Tools/Internet Options/General/Temporary Internet Options/Settings


Tools/Internet Options/Security/Trusted Sites/Sites

√ Require server verification

Tools/Internet Options/Security/Custom Level

Reset custom setting 'low'

Internet Explorer version 7 settings - Need all the above and the following
Tools->Internet Options->Security->Trusted Sites->Custom Level...

Under Downloads, Enable ‘Automatic prompting for Downloads'

XP SP2 - Need all the above and the following
Tools/Internet Options/Pop Up Blocker/Pop Up Blocker settings

Reset 'Filter Setting' 'low - allow pop up from secure sites'

Save your settings, close your browser, re-open and log in.
You should see 2 small icons at the bottom of the window on the frame bar ('done' shows on this bar). One icon is the green circle with the check mark 'Trusted Site' and one is a mini web page with a green check mark. This will verify settings are correct. XP security settings will prompt you to open or save the report request when it is returned.

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