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NOTE: Effective July 1st, Nordstrom will no longer be sending bi-monthly Offset Fee Summaries. The Portal’s ( AP Vendor Inquiry will be your first point of contact for researching offset fees just as it is for other payment/deduction information. There continues to be a 60-day limit on inquiries for expense offset fees, this window begins on the offset fee document date; Inquiries will still be sent to Nordstrom Supplier Offset Fees generic mailbox:

Fiscal year 2017 contains a 53rd week. During the 53rd week LY 2016 values will be zero. Please note that if comparing the month of January FY2017 to FY2016 you will be comparing 5 weeks to 4 weeks LY.

Fiscal year 2018 will use a realigned calendar where FY2018 weeks 1-52 compare with FY2017 weeks 2-53. Please note the LY 2017 values in FY2018 will omit FY2017 week 1.

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What's New

Cash Flow Optimization

Nordstrom has partnered with C2FO to offer suppliers a way to easily improve cash flow on demand at your best rate for any reason.

- Take control of cash flow to grow your business
- Add flexibility to your cash management to hit key metrics
- No cost to get started

C2FO makes it easy. Find out how:

Nordstrom’s Canada Selling Macro has been updated as of Friday 3/11. Users need to use the updated macro going forward for Canada reporting

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