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Attention Nordstrom Inc Suppliers: Nordstrom will have a special payment run on Friday, October 21st. Please review the portal on Monday, October 24th for payment details.

ATTN: Due to system upgrades, US and Canada reporting will be DELAYED for WE 10/22

US Reporting

US reports (WE 10/22) will not be available on Sunday 10/23; but will be accessible on the Supplier Toolkit by Tuesday 10/25. To confirm that the report is updated, verify that the reports Week Ending Date is 10/22.

Canada Reporting

Canada reports (WE 10/22) will be emailed by end of day Tuesday Oct 25th.

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What's New

Nordstromís Canada Selling Macro has been updated as of Friday 3/11. Users need to use the updated macro going forward for Canada reporting

IMPORTANT: Cash Flow Optimization Tool

Nordstrom has partnered with C2FO to offer a cash flow optimization tool to our suppliers.

C2FO helps suppliers improve cash flow and save money.

Control: Access early payment on demand
Simple: Eliminate paperwork and contracts
Quick: Accelerate cash in just 2 clicks

To learn more contact the C2FO support team.

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