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Important 53rd fiscal week update: The supplier toolkit will reflect a TY/LY comparative to $0.00 LY for January Week 5   (1/27/2013-2/2/2013).

Fiscal year 2013: Please note the supplier toolkit will be using a ‘true day’ fiscal calendar for 2013, e.g. wk 1 ’13 vs. wk 1 ’12.
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IMPORTANT: Cash Flow Optimization Tool

Nordstrom has partnered with Pollenware to implement C2FO, a cash flow optimization tool. We are pleased to offer this program to provide greater flexibility for working capital funding options. We believe it can help you to reduce your cost of borrowing, and ‘days sales outstanding’. You will have the flexibility to use this program as needed.

The first weekly C2FO event is scheduled for Monday, June 3, 2013 and you must be registered with C2FO to take advantage of these benefits. You can do this by contacting the C2FO support team:
Phone: 1-888-862-3785
For more information, visit the C2FO website

We look forward to our continued partnership and success in the future.

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